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Use cases for subscription businesses

Customer retention, acquisition & growth

We help subscription businesses reach and engage with millions of consumers in bank apps to increase retention, drive acquisition and fuel growth.


churn reduction


cost reduction

12 months

lifetime value increase

Reduce churn & operational costs

  • Reduce churn by 25%
  • Unblock cards to reduce involuntary churn
  • Reduce operational costs by 15%
  • Reduce failed payments and charges
  • Lower retention costs
  • Drive loyalty by giving customers control
Churn reduction
Operational cost & involuntary churn reduction
Consumer demand & loyalty

Lower CAC & win back customers

  • Reach and engage with millions of consumers in bank apps and lower your CPA
  • Retarget and win back customers
  • Increase brand touchpoints with consumers
  • Offer choice, flexibility, omnichannel
  • Enable churned customers to resubscribe
Consumer engagement & reach
Omnichannel & convenience
Win back lost customers

Increase LTV & brand engagement

  • Increase average customer LTV by 5-12 months
  • Enable customers to upgrade plans seamlessly
  • Gen-Z and millennials prefer to self-serve
  • Give consumers an omnichannel experience
  • Increase brand touchpoints and awareness
  • Drive engagement and loyalty
Lifetime value increase
Upgrade plans
Consumer demand, engagement & loyalty
Trusted by global brands

What customers say

Bank-grade security & compliance

Working with global financial institutions, Minna Technologies has bank-grade compliance, adheres to best practices for information security and helps mitigate compliance risk.

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