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Use cases for subscription businesses

Increase customer retention & LTV

We help subscription businesses engage and retain subscribers in bank apps, reducing churn and increasing win-back and lifetime value.


churn reduction


cost reduction

7+ months

lifetime value increase

Retain subscribers

Reduce churn and increase lifetime value of your subscribers through banking app offers.

  • Reduce churn by 25%, lower retention costs with self-serve options.
  • Reach the consumer within their cancellation journey and retain up to 10% of in banking app subscription cancellations through plan changes.
  • Increase lifetime value by retaining customers through discounts within banking apps, with 81% of customers staying 7 months or longer.
Churn reduction
Operational cost & involuntary churn reduction
Consumer demand & loyalty

Grow & protect revenue

Grow and protect your revenue through increased resubscription rates and plan upgrades within banking apps

  • Adapt to shifting consumer behaviour with 60% of consumers using their banking app as their preferred subscription management tool.
  • Give your customers a consistent subscription management experience, through extending your brand reach into banking apps.
  • Empower customers to upgrade their plans directly in their banking app.
Consumer engagement & reach
Omnichannel & convenience
Win back lost customers

Optimize operations & customer experience

Improve operational efficiency through automation.

  • 75% of customers resubscribe using the same card, ensure card blocking doesn't stop them from rejoining.
  • Remove up to 10% of card declines through automated unblocking, directly removing the demand on your customer service teams.
  • Automate 100% of banking app cancellations managed by Minna.
Lifetime value increase
Upgrade plans
Consumer demand, engagement & loyalty
Trusted by global brands

What our partners say

Bank-grade security & compliance

Working with global financial institutions, Minna Technologies has bank-grade compliance, adheres to best practices for information security and helps mitigate compliance risk.

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