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Products for banks

Self-serve subscription management in your app

We offer a range of market-leading subscription management products that will integrate seamlessly with your app with bank-grade security and compliance.

Our experts can help you end-to-end, from selecting the right bundle to integrating with your bank app and launching subscription management.

Or you can get started today with our API.

Trusted by leaders in banking

Benefits for banks


Be top of wallet
& increase revenue

Significantly reduce costs (1)

Reduce operational costs 

Boost engagement and financial health

Boost loyalty & financial health

Products & features

We offer flexible subscription management functionality to delight users in your app.
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Identify subscription-related financial transactions

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Users can cancel subscriptions and recurring payments

Change plan

Users can upgrade or downgrade subscription plans

80% of consumers would rather upgrade or downgrade than cancel subscriptions.

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Change payment

Users can update payment methods for subscriptions

Pause & resume

Users can pause and resume subscriptions

72% of consumers would rather pause than cancel subscriptions.

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Retention offers

Users can receive real-time offers at the point of cancellation

86% of consumers would consider accepting an offer instead of cancelling a subscription.


Users can resubscribe

80% of churned customers who try to return do so within 3 months.

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“We’re excited to be working with Minna Technologies to deliver a product that helps to make banking through our app easy and simple for our customers.”

James Stenhouse, Lloyds Banking Group

“Our new feature developed with Minna will offer a differentiating experience to our customers by allowing them to have a better insight into their subscriptions and save millions of euros via fully automated cancellation services.”

Olivier Guillaumond, ING

"Minna has a strong focus on constantly improving the digital user experience, while at the same time offering the bank’s customers hands-on tools that simplify their everyday lives. This has contributed to increased customer value."

Lotta Lovén, Swedbank

“By combining our own efforts with the knowledge and good work of Minna, we allow our customers to regain control of their recurring costs as well as to save money. Minna is an expert within their field and used to working with banks."

Thomas Allan Nygaard, SpareBank

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