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Use cases for fintechs

Banking & personal finance

We embed subscription management in personal finance and neobank apps, driving superior user experience and value for fintechs and their users.

3 out of 4

consumers want all-in-one subscription management in one app

10 days

to integrate
with Minna


saved for customers
every year

Boost engagement
& financial health

  • Give users control during cost of living crisis
  • Save users an average of £250 per year
  • Increase monthly feature utilisation by 27%
  • Empower financially vulnerable customers 
  • Boost NPS and CSAT, drive loyalty
Consumer savings & cost of living support
Growth in app engagement & use
NPS & CSAT increase

Be top of wallet & increase revenue

  • 3 out of 4 consumers want all-in-one subscription management in one app
  • Top 3 banking app feature (Forrester)
  • Drive an average adoption rate of 23%
  • Boost payment volumes
  • Increase interchange revenue
Card usage
Payment volumes & interchange revenue
Consumer demand

Acquire users & convert them to premium

  • Monetise users by offering control, choice, convenience

  • Gen-Z and millennials prefer to self-serve

  • 99% of Gen-Z and 98% of millennials use bank apps every day
  • Increase NPS and user lifetime value

Monetisation of users
Incentive to upgrade
Consumer demand for all-in-one solution
Trusted by fintech & banking leaders

What our customers say

Bank-grade security & compliance

Working with global financial institutions, Minna Technologies has bank-grade compliance, adheres to best practices for information security and helps mitigate compliance risk.

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