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Solutions for Subscription Businesses

Retain, win-back and grow subscribers in banking apps

Reach and engage 120M+ global users with full-lifecycle subscription management capabilities.

Empower users in their trusted banking apps to pause, change plans, receive offers, change payment, cancel, unblock card payments and resubscribe.

Subscription management embedded into global banks and fintechs

Benefits for subscription businesses

Significantly reduce costs (1)


Boost engagement and financial health

Win-back subscribers



Powering subscription management in banking apps

Empower subscribers with enhanced self-serve to protect and grow recurring revenue



Trigger retention offers at the point of cancellation

86% of consumers would consider accepting an offer instead of cancelling a subscription.


Enable users to pause and resume subscriptions with ease

72% of consumers would rather temporarily pause than cancel subscriptions.

RetentionSolution_Pause_Pause form_Mockup
RetentionSolution_Change plan_Change form_Mockup

Change plan

Provide flexibility to upgrade or downgrade plans

80% of consumers would rather upgrade or downgrade than cancel subscriptions.


Remove payment blocks preventing resubscribes

Payment blocks prevent churned users from resubscribing for up to 13 months.

Resubscribe image - Resubscribe_01


Enable users to resubscribe to subscriptions seamlessly

80% of churned customers who try to return do so within 3 months.

Market-leading platform capabilities

Unlock the potential of the banking channel with
secure, scalable and robust technology

Bank-grade security

Partnering with global banks, fintechs and subscription businesses, Minna ensures robust security and compliance, adhering to PCI-DSS Level 1 standards.


Minna's API enables subscription businesses to access all functionality with a single, scalable integration, unlocking maximum value with minimal effort.

Complex edge cases

Minna effectively caters for a wide range of complex edge cases, such as multi-service purchases, lock-in periods and third-party billing, to address various scenarios.


Subscription Economy: Evolution Not Revolution

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subscription economy evolution not revolution


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