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Subscriber API for Subscription Businesses

One API to fuel the subscription economy

Get closer to your subscribers in banking apps and reduce churn by up to 25%.

You can select which features to enable for your subscribers in banking apps, including pausing, upgrading and downgrading subscription plans, receiving offers and resubscribing.

Trusted by global brands

Benefits for subscription businesses


Retain subscribers

Significantly reduce costs (1)

Grow & protect revenue

Boost engagement and financial health

Optimize operations & CX

Enable customers to churn and return, seamlessly

Provide customers with a frictionless cancel and resubscribe experience by unblocking card payments.


Automatically unblock card payments


Retain subscribers

Reduce churn by up to 25% and increase LTV by 7 months or more.



Users can receive real-time offers at the point of cancellation

86% of consumers would consider accepting an offer instead of cancelling a subscription.

Change plan

Users can upgrade or downgrade subscription plans

80% of consumers would rather upgrade or downgrade than cancel subscriptions.

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Resubscribe image - Resubscribe_01


Users can resubscribe

80% of churned customers who try to return do so within 3 months.


Users can pause and resume subscriptions

72% of consumers would rather pause than cancel subscriptions.

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