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Retain subscribers in banking & fintech apps

Submit the form now to speak to an expert, so you can reduce churn and retain subscribers in banking and fintech apps.

Benefits for your business

3 steps to get started with our Subscriber API

Questions? See our FAQs below.

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What features can I access via your API?

We have a range of features available, including:

  • Unblock
  • Pause
  • Change Plan
  • Resubscribe

Our team of experts can advise you on the best options to meet your business objectives.

What integration is required?

This requires a simple integration with our Subscriber API. Our experts can explain the process to you, and our team is on hand to support you with every step.

Why are payment blocks an issue?

Payment blocks can stop your subscribers from churning and returning. Our research shows that up to a fifth of subscribers regularly cancel and resubscribe within 6 months, and a seamless cancellation experience makes them more likely to resubscribe.

With Minna Unblock, you can automatically unblock card payments and reduce involuntary churn by 20% and operational costs by 15%.



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