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The 1-Click Generation

Buying has become one-stop, managing your spending, however, is far more complicated.

In this insights report, read how the click-to-subscribe mentality has evolved consumers' expectations about their banking features.


The one-click buying behavior is
putting pressure on banks

Platforms like ApplePay and Amazon make spending money a one-stop, easier-than-ever shopping experience.

Consumers now expect this level of simplicity everywhere they interact online, placing pressure on financial institutions to offer simplified one-click solutions for personal financial management.


An average consumer has 10-12 subscriptions, managed across an average of 4–5 touchpoints.

[Customers today continue to choose]
on-demand services and expect banks to
both anticipate and address their needs with precision and expertise at every touchpoint..

Capgemini / Efma

Banks and consumer businesses can turn a subscription dispute into loyalty-building moment

The 1-click purchase behavior has sparked innovation for streamlined solutions that both support and enable a better subscription economy for the consumer, the bank, and the consumer business.

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