The 16 Developer Personalities


Who are Minna?

The 16 Developer Personalities

On this page, you will find a full list of the sixteen possible outcomes of the Minna Developer Personality Test, along with their descriptions.

The Developer Personality test was developed during a Hackathon at Minna Technologies. We made the test for fun, and it has no basis in any science whatsoever.

Who are Minna Technologies?

We are a Swedish FinTech on a mission to bring power to the modern consumer.


We are a Swedish FinTech on a mission to bring power to the modern consumer.

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On this page, you will find a full list of the sixteen possible outcomes of the Minna Developer Personality Test, along with their descriptions.

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The Investigator

Together we can achieve anything, and it is especially important when charting and defining unknown waters. Rather than getting bogged down into the discussion of why to build something you believe in, you get down to it, preferably with someone else, and define exactly what and how, where the why is less important.

It’s easy for you to get completely absorbed while conquering the most difficult and unknown topics.  You like looking at the little things and helping your team specify them, from code standards to tests. You enjoy this almost as much as you just enjoy creating code, and the team loves you for it, despite your tendency to be known as a meticulous code reviewer - this is just another side they love.

Team results, Exploratory, Builder, Details

The Pioneer

Team results, Exploratory, Builder, Speed

You run faster together, and running fast is a must when we are fighting the unknown. It’s a race, there are a lot of competitors, and you are going to do everything you can to make sure your team and company win.
You don’t mind experimenting and trying out new things, even without any tangible proof it will work, because you believe in your gut feeling, and have been rewarded for it in the past. You see the results of your work quickly, and you’re ready to jump on the next thing and conquer it as soon as you’re done.

A data-driven and a value-driven team is the only way to conquer a world filled with unknown challenges. You enjoy exploring new ideas, concepts, and technologies that you know there’s an actual need for, and that you know you can make a change with, and you do it properly.
Agreeing upon methods, processes, and approaches is a must in order to deliver maximum value, especially on uncharted territory, but only because you believe you are faster and better if there is a semblance of order. You think of the long-term and sustainability, even when forced to work short-term, it is core to your being.

Team results, Exploratory, Influencer, Details

The Cartographer

Building MVPs is not just a great technique, it is a way of life. Delivering features that you know the users want fast, together with your team, gives you great joy. The more you can iterate, and test, the better. You embrace the fact that we never know what we want, and that your stakeholders never know what they want, so you make something simple, slim, and iterable.

You love brainstorming new approaches, putting small prototypes of it into action, and following up on your results. 

Team results, Exploratory, Influencer, Speed

The Experimenter

The Architect

Team results, Solid, Builder, Details

You believe that for your team to thrive and build a complex system that will last, it needs clear processes and frameworks. Stories need to be concise and well-defined because that reduces confusion and increases output.

Just exercising the craft is a big enjoyment to you, where the applications of it are secondary, and you make sure to do it right - from excellent architecture to full test coverage. You try to help bring order as much as possible, from correcting errors in documentation to giving clear feedback in code reviews. 

The Pilot

Team results, Solid, Builder, Speed

If your team is ever going to achieve high throughput, and expertly choose between good-enough quality and meeting the market, then you need clear guidelines and processes, but you don’t want to be the one drafting them.
Given a supportive framework that’s well-defined, you thrive with building whatever, as long as you get to exercise your creative building muscles, and the more you can build, the better. You can easily navigate between choosing quality over throughput, but you see a clear value in bigger throughput. 

The Shield

Team results, Solid, Influencer, Details

You are humble and serve your team, but to do it best you want everyone to have clear processes and guidelines. You help out with everything from collecting data regarding stories or released features, to improving code in code reviews and process documentation.
You will always push for additional clarity, because you genuinely believe that’s what the team needs, in all your rituals including backlog refinement. Before you start a hobby project you’re likely to dig into the data and the need for your project, and you’ve avoided building many ideas thanks to that type of investigation alone.

The Fixer

Team results, Solid, Influencer, Speed

Saving the world, one bug at a time. No matter how small, you want to fix problems, and every bug that comes in should be fixed - because why not? You want your team to have good processes, that help you get organized and help you see ahead when you get into that mode of super-high throughput.
If there are no guidelines in place, a high-speed train like your team will easily get derailed. You’re easy to ignite and get passionate, and once you get going you help your team deliver the moon. 

The Surgeon

Personal results, Exploratory, Builder, Details

You’re ambitious and driven, and don’t mind telling the world. You know that the best output is gained when everyone can focus fully on their own contribution, and stay fully accountable. This is why you also think code reviews are important, and a great way for you to help others. Sometimes you can really deep-dive into a topic and get lost in the learning and building, only to emerge with something great. You can easily find flaws in most things, and you have no problems pointing out that they should be fixed.
Your excellent eye for details and drive has helped you overcome tough problems and deliver excellence, regardless of what you attempt. This also helps you take on completely unknown challenges with confidence, where you always care more about the how rather than the why. 

The Adventurer

Personal results, Exploratory, Builder, Speed

You love building literally anything. Creation of new things drives you, you love when it goes fast, and love getting acknowledged for it. You have a knack for understanding just how many shortcuts you can take, while still delivering something solid, even if it was completely unknown to you beforehand.
Colleagues can, and should, rely on you to be results-driven, and you’re known to be fast and efficient. Since you know how important throughput is, you are more likely to let others skirt the rules as well, especially in code reviews. 

The Detective

Personal results, Exploratory, Influencer, Details

You believe in full accountability. If you make a mistake, you fix it, simple as that. If everyone holds up their own end, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. You can build anything to perfection, as long as someone convinces you it is important and delivers value.
You value writing tests, good structure, and reusable code because it will help you perform even better next time. When you are engaged in pull requests, you’re appreciated for your honesty and directness regarding the flaws you have a talent for spotting.

The Seeker

Personal results, Exploratory, Influencer, Speed

Wow, you are fast and efficient, but only if you have a purpose with your work. You love being acknowledged for your many talents, especially when it comes to conquering a completely new area or challenge.
Your ability to quickly produce prototype after prototype, experimenting until you reach a good-enough solution, makes you skilled at solving problems no one has solved before, and you find a lot of enjoyment in it. Sometimes it’s frustrating knowing that you would be faster at resolving a problem someone else owns, but you also firmly believe that everyone is accountable for their own efforts. 

The Perfectionist

Personal results, Solid, Builder, Details

The devil is truly in the details. If you are given good guidelines, a straightforward process, and clear requirements, you can build anything. Often it’s not important why you’re building it, just as long as you get to create something from nothing.
It bothers you when others don’t respect processes, and you’re quick to point out deviations. Not because you’re mean, but because you know that’s the best and only way towards excellence and perfection. The rules are there for a reason, and you don’t mind helping specify them.
In code reviews, you like upholding the agreed-upon frameworks, from coding standards to security considerations, and are known for being excellent at it. 

The Racer

Personal results, Solid, Builder, Speed

The best way to achieve throughput is through well-defined processes and frameworks, and clear communication. You are driven by the creation of your craft and are known to be fast and efficient.
Dancing on the blade’s edge between quality and speed is something you enjoy, and love showing everyone just how much you can get done when you get in the zone. You get easily miffed out if you’re asked to work in a chaotic environment, especially because it makes you perform less, and in turn contribute less. 

The Doer

Personal results, Solid, Influencer, Speed

Your passion is easy to ignite, all it takes is knowledge of a problem that needs to be solved, and you’re on your way to build a couple of experiments and MVPs.
You require clear guidelines on how to build, release and get feedback on your experiments, but it doesn’t mean you enjoy being stuck in a slow process - in fact, it’s the opposite.
You believe processes should be lightweight and well-defined, but concise enough to help guide you on your high-throughput journey to deliver value. 

The Sword

Personal results, Solid, Influencer, Details

You strive for perfection, but only when it solves a problem you can clearly define. There’s always a higher value in building for the future and creating something sustainable, rather than just churning out new features.
Everyone should think of the long run, because otherwise, what’s the point? You think rules bring organization, and organization brings an environment where you can deliver maximum value, and really show your sense of detail.
You are known to be meticulous and a perfectionist, and trusted on to always deliver the highest quality possible in the given situation.