Zlantar turns the finance app industry on its head by giving users back their own commissions

Zlantar turns the finance app industry on its head- giving users back their own commissions

9 June 2022, Stockholm, Sweden:

Users of the finance app Zlantar who change or take out a private loan via the app will get their entire brokerage commission refunded through Zlantar Kickback, Zlantar’s newly released premium product.

“With the entire kickback returned to the customer, any cynicism towards banking and financial apps disappears. The consumer can no longer fear that the app is taking high commissions. In fact, Zlantar’s model is a commitment to be on the side of the customer, validating that all advice is optimized purely for the customers’ optimal financial wealth.” says Cenneth Edin, CEO and founder, Zlantar.

During Q3 Zlantar will expand kickback to include additional product segments such as mortgage, electricity, and broadband. As part of this, Zlantar has launched two new subscription plans: Plus (SEK 10 / month) and Premium (SEK 39 / month). Along with other benefits, Premium users are able to connect their equity and mutual fund accounts and view their pension directly in Zlantar, allowing users to see an aggregate overview of their entire personal finances.

In addition, Plus and Premium users will be able to manage their agreements and subscriptions directly in-app. Today, users are able to view all their agreements and subscriptions in Zlantar with the opportunity to compare and sign new agreements. Together with Minna Technologies, Zlantar is now launching the ability to cancel agreements and subscriptions with a simple tap of a button.

“We see the future of financial management moving from insights to action. We empower the customer with transparency to their financial health and layer on the ability to manage from where they bank, delivering on the promise of open banking by centralizing a holistic view of spend. Minna’s technology, seamlessly embedded into Zlantar’s app, empowers the consumer to take control of their subscription spend, encouraging apps like Zlantar to be top of wallet” says Joakim Sjöblom, CEO and co-founder, Minna Technologies.

Information about Zlantar’s new subscription plans

Plus – SEK 10 / month

  • 3 bank and/or credit card connections
  • One-touch cancellation of subscriptions and agreements
  • Budgeting features to help keep your spending on track
  • Automatic identification and collection of subscriptions and agreements
  • Detailed overview of your personal finances
  • Comparison of loans, mortgage, savings, broadband, TV, helping save you money
  • Insights and tips about how to optimize your personal finances
  • Savings goals, helping you save for when you need it most
  • Valuation of your house

Premium – SEK 39 / month (1-month free trial available)

  • All the functions included in Plus (see above)
  • Zlantar Kickback – all brokerage commissions refunded to the user
  • Overview of all your equities, funds, and pension
  • An unlimited number of bank and/or credit card connections

About Zlantar
Zlantar är en oberoende intelligent ekonomiapp som sammanställer hela din ekonomi så att du kan följa upp, hantera och optimera din privatekonomi. Zlantar står under Finansinspektionens tillsyn. Learn more online at zlantar.se

About Minna Technologies
Minna Technologies is a Swedish embedded fintech company established in 2016, offers the world’s leading Subscription infrastructure currently integrated and available to more than 20 million people globally. The team at Minna is passionate about building the next generation of solutions to make people’s lives better. www.minnatechnologies.com

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