The rise and fall (and rise) of subscription models

New Sifted article asks, “Is the pandemic boom of the subscription economy over?”

“Now we’re post-pandemic, we’re seeing everybody’s scaling back,” says Erica Katsambis, VP of sales, partnerships and solutions at subscription management solution Minna Technologies. “There has been a surge of cancellations recently that’s really been triggered by a number of external factors, as well as the dominance of the streaming industry.”

You’d think that the subscription bubble has popped — but it’s not that simple.

“When we’re seeing those headlines in the mainstream, the important thing to call out is that the subscription economy is still booming — and consumers want flexibility in order to keep spending,” says Katsambis, adding that the industry is still worth $650bn — and projected to grow to $1.5tn by 2025.

Minna, for example, offers other opportunities and actions to users, like comparing offers, changing plans and cancelling subscriptions.
“We have a retention solution that’s been really well received by merchants,” she says. It changes the script from ”making cancellations as frictionless as possible” to “offering consumers choice and flexibility” in managing their recurring spend.

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