Minna Technologies welcomes new chairwoman, Amanda Mesler.

What drew you to Minna Technologies?

I love all that is Fintech – the disruption, the pace, the innovation, the people. Minna represents all of this in a fantastic growing segment. The investors are very savvy and supportive, the management team is strong, the technology superior, and a great set of customers already. I’m excited to support the next chapter of growth.

Minna is at a critical point of scale and you have super-scaled multiple businesses over your career. What are some of your learnings and what are you looking forward to applying in your time with Minna?

The transition from start-up to scale-up can be one of the most pivotal transitions for firms. Practically, focus shifts: when looking at profitability, there is a move from fundraising to managing profit mechanics; there’s a significant shift in employee numbers and a trend from generalists to specialists. But in many ways, the most vital is the mindset shift and then need to keep pace, increase resilience, and execute.

What excites you about the space that Minna is in? Where do you see the growth in this space? What tensions do you anticipate that will make Minna well poised to capitalize on this opportunity?

We are becoming a subscription economy – everything is becoming subscription-based. The growth in this space will cross all industries and all economies. At the same time, it is costly, frustrating, and inefficient for consumers, merchants, and banks to manage subscriptions. Minna sits in the middle of all of this by giving complete control to customers to manage their subscriptions right from their bank’s app. This is just the beginning.

Minna is going into the US this year and represents a huge market for us. As an American, what are some of the expectations you have for that growth?

The US is one of the largest economies in the world, but it’s also the most competitive. The key to unlocking significant growth in the US is to focus on the customer and in providing superior technology, that’s easy to use, with great customer support. It will be critical for Minna to deliver value right from the start.

Scaling businesses is an endurance sport. You know a bit about that both within the world of Tech as well as in your sporting background. Tell us a bit about how your running relates to how you show up to this scaling space

There are many parallels indeed. I am a marathoner and am proud to have completed marathons in every continent. One of the biggest attributes of endurance running is resilience – the ability to keep moving forward when you don’t think you can take another step. The same is true with scale-ups. There will be many things that go wrong on the path, so many naysayers, many people who cannot work at the pace needed with the right mindset. Keep moving forward and you will absolutely get to the finish line – and then there will be another start line to do it all over again.

When moving quickly and scaling exponentially, culture is a living being. Every addition makes an impact and being thoughtful about creating a conscious culture, can build the foundation for years to come. How do you think about culture and what excites you about Minna?

Culture is a complex concept and I believe it evolves as the company needs it to. It’s a way of doing business, having certain customs, beliefs and behaviors. As the company grows and learns, some of the ways of working will evolve. What excites me most about Minna is the mindset. They have a growth mindset – very positive and aspirational. This is a great building block for a great future.

About Minna: 

Minna Technologies, the Swedish FinTech established in 2016, creating a problem-free subscription economy by providing a genius infrastructure that empowers everyone. Partnering with top-tier banks across Europe and backed by some of the biggest financial companies in the world, currently, around 20 million people benefit from Minna’s subscription solutions. 

For more information contact: 

Caroline Vaughan, Head of External Affairs and PR

+447769706352, caroline.vaughan@minna.tech