Meet Robin, Minna’s Software Engineer 👋

Today we are visiting Robin who was one of our first 10 talents and started at Minna while working on his Master Thesis back in January 2017. Robin is part of our Engineering team in Gothenburg, Sweden where he has had various roles building the software for our bank integrated solutions. In the upcoming months, Robin, alongside our CEO, will relocate to the US and begin building our hub in the US.

Currently, Robin is working within our Bank Integrations team ensuring that the Minna applications work within the banking environment. “We provide all the API:s that the bank integrates towards, then we verify that the feedback loops back to Minna and works smoothly.”

Tell us what you do without telling us what you do:

“I’m doing a wide range of projects: I write code; I help accelerate my colleagues in their daily work; I’m involved in product discovery; I shape the technology improvements for the engineering community; and host team responsibilities like ‘retros’ and other rituals.”

Being a developer at Minna is all about helping the bank forward and find solutions that work for the bank. Finding those solutions, Robin says, is what makes the job exciting. By analysing and creating strategic growth opportunities, Robin finds ways to press forward with both speed and excellence. “We not only ensure that our SLA’s are up to speed but are accountable for a well functioning product.”

One thing Robin particularly identifies with Minna is that we care for each other, both personally, professionally, and in every sphere of life. But when he is not building or developing our solutions, Robin is a true adventure junky; riding his bike up in the mountains and kayaking in heavy streams in the north of Sweden.

Tell us about one of your hidden talents few know about.

“Oh, I love doing different types of sports and activities like white water kayaking, mountain biking, volleyball, snowboarding just to name a few. If I were to pick one favourite, then white water kayaking would be at the top of my list because I’ve even received a few medals from the Swedish Championships.”

How do you balance your work and life? Is this important?

“Yes, very much so! I’m one of those people who have an easy time switching context, so I can disconnect from work when I’m off quite easily, so I make the most out of it!”

What excites you about Minna?

“I think that Minna is a company in constant change, working to grow and adapt. With constant change and growth comes many opportunities for taking initiative and trying out new things which is something that I love.”

Going from 8 to 80+ employees reshapes a company and since we have hired new talents during Covid-19, there have been people that he hasn’t yet had the chance to meet in person. However, growth of this scale offers several values by creating waterproof solutions which have been very exciting to see develop.

“We are a company in a constantly evolving state” and Robin says that he appreciates the variation within the space both for personal initiative as well as developing responsibilities.

“I’ve already learned so much at Minna and I hope to continue learning and growing as a person, engineer, and colleague [like] being a good and honest team player, who makes sure that things get done and takes ownership.”

During the four years since his first paycheck from Minna, this has always been more than a job and has been an integral part of building and enhancing the work culture at Minna. Robin works hard to help the people around him develop their skills which enables us as a company to grow with speed and excellence.

Robin has been an integral part of the growth and development since January 2017. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his passion and his willingness to assist colleagues and talent with developing our technology. Robin is going to be an indispensable asset for our newest expansion and we are all excited to see what he and our CEO create from their upcoming move to the US.