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Launching pilot with Tatra banka in Slovakia

May 19, 2020 · 3 min read · Written by Tony Hammarlund

Tatra banka is part of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) and together we recently launched a pilot to bring subscription management to the bank’s customers. The pilot is part of RBI’s Elevator Lab Program.

Since its foundation Tatra banka, the first private bank in Slovakia and part of RBI has won over 130 awards. The bank aims to be a leader in innovation with a strong focus on the digital bank experience.

To continue on that journey we launched a pilot together that brings subscription management to the bank’s customers. The pilot is part of Elevator Lab, a fintech partnership program powered by RBI.

– I have been watching Minna Technologies for a while and I am delighted that we can test Minna’s capabilities in our market and explore customers’ interest for such service, says Michal Satur, head of research and development at Tatra banka.

Leading fintech partnership program

Elevator Lab is one of Europe’s leading fintech partnership programs with the largest fintech network in Central and Eastern Europe. We were accepted into the program in November of 2019 and the initial results were presented to the RBI Innovation Board on Demo Day in March.

Christopher Svensson, a business developer at Minna Technologies is part of the team working together with Elevator Lab and Tatra banka. He’s very positive about the program and the pilot:

– It feels great that we have reached the next milestone in the Elevator Lab program and to launch a pilot with Tatra banka and RBI. This takes us one step closer towards the chance of enabling all RBI’s retail customers to manage their subscriptions.

RBI has 16,7 million customers in 13 markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The final results of the project will be evaluated and after a successful pilot the next step is to discuss further long-term partnership opportunities.

The news about the pilot has been featured on Fintech Futures and FinTech InShorts.