Minna Technologies enters partnership with Finnish OP Financial Group

Dec 16, 2019 · 1 min read · Written by Tony Hammarlund

Minna Technologies and OP, the largest financial group in Finland, have entered into a partnership. The partnership continues the co-operation started between the two companies in 2018 during OP’s Open Banking Startup Partnership Program.

In 2018, Minna Technologies was selected to participate in OP’s Open Banking Startup Partnership Program. This partnership continues the cooperation between the two companies.

– When Minna Technologies was selected to OP’s Open Banking Startup Partnership Program, it was a great opportunity for us to get to know the OP organization, validate our technical approach, as well as the need for subscription management in the Finnish market. After a successful pilot, we are excited to enter into a partnership with OP. Their impressive customer and innovation focus makes them a perfect partner for us, says John Nyström, country manager Finland at Minna Technologies.

By entering into a partnership with Minna Technologies, OP is better able to capitalize on its Open Banking Strategy and PSD2 APIs developed for third-party providers. In addition to providing a superior customer experience, OP constantly strives to find new business opportunities and technology relationships for maximum value in innovation.

– This partnership is a great example of the importance of finding the right match in partners. We first met Minna Technologies at our Open Banking Startup Program and were impressed by their innovation and technical capabilities. For OP, it’s important to maintain and explore the ecosystem to identify the right partners in order to deliver the best possible digital experience to our customers, comments Masa Peura, SVP, Payments and Personal Finance Management at OP.

– OP is a leader in the Finnish market in terms of innovation, customer focus, and delivery of excellent customer experience. Minna Technologies is excited to partner with OP to contribute further value to their customers, as well as to further the expansion of the subscription economy in Finland, says Joakim Sjöblom, CEO at Minna Technologies.

About Minna Technologies

Launched in 2016, Minna Technologies is leading European FinTech helping retail banks deliver powerful digital customer experiences. What began as a consumer application for subscription management (Mina Tjänster) has today become an integrated platform helping retail banks and service providers across Europe and the Nordics to dramatically improve the digital banking experience. Today, Minna Technologies is an FSA-regulated open banking partner to several top tier banks in Europe. The company’s award-winning subscription management platform has saved more than €30M on behalf of its users. Read more at www.minnatechnologies.com/about

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