A new way of retention.

Aug 12, 2019 · 2 min read · Written by Max Löfving

Minna Technologies – the leading subscription management platform for retail banks – announces a new retention functionality for subscription providers.

The function aims to help providers retain their customers and has great potential based on tests and surveys that have been running over the last year. The new feature will be available for all types of service providers that offer subscriptions to consumers in the Swedish and Danish market. From broadband, mobile, streaming and insurance companies to gym clubs, charity organizations and trade unions – all of them will be able to work with retention on the Minna platform.

According to research conducted by Minna Technologies, many consumers can picture themselves staying with their current service provider if they get easy access to change or adjust their subscription – something that can be a hassle due to scarcely accessible customer service.

Minna Technologies has, since the start, ensured to give consumers easy access to manage their subscriptions and can with this new feature also help service providers to get in touch with their existing customers upon request. As consumers demand a more personalized and digital customer service experience, as well as being able to take actions in an easy way, a partnership with Minna will help providers to achieve what their customers expect from them.

One of the first organizations to try the function is a global charity organization. The organization will work closely with Minna to encourage their existing customers to continue giving monthly donations, allowing them to drive more value for people in critical situations around the globe. Thanks to this new functionality, bank customers using the Minna platform will soon be able to, not only cancel subscriptions via their online bank and securely sign up to new subscription services, but also adjust current subscriptions and set up donations for a good cause.

“It’s great to finally be able to offer a save desk functionality for service providers in Sweden and Denmark. We started to gather data on why consumers cancel subscriptions a while back and transformed the feedback into a service. One of our most popular services is to cancel subscriptions, so we are very excited to help service providers with retention at the same time as we help consumers to customize their subscriptions.” says Max Löfving at Minna Technologies.