Apr 15, 2019 · 1 min read

Minna Technologies receives FSA authorization

Minna Technologies received authorization from Swedish financial governing body, Finansinspektionen (FI), last Friday.

This means that Minna has now been approved as an authorised Payment Institute in Sweden. This adds Minna to a list of trustworthy companies within Sweden’s financial community and will allow it to take on a more active role within the banking realm.

Specifically, Minna has been designated as both an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). These authorisations will allow Minna to further develop and update existing services, while providing other additional services.

On top of that, this falls in line with the EU’s PSD2 directive, which was designed to allow bank customers to receive assistance in managing their personal finance from third-party organizations.

Aside from opening many new doors for Minna (and the banking customers it serves), these authorisations are also a testament to Minna’s dedication to data protection.

The process of getting approved as an authorised payment provider has enabled us to increase our focus on compliance and risk. We see the approval by the Swedish FSA as an indicator of quality, which will help us when developing new innovations for our customers.” said Minna business developer, Christopher Svensson.