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Swedbank’s CEO praises successful partnership with Minna Technologies

During Stockholm Tech Fest, Swedbank’s CEO Birgitte Bonnesen talked about the successful partnership between Swedbank and Minna Technologies.

At Sthlm Tech Fest, Birgitte Bonnesen, CEO Swedbank, Jacob De Geer, CEO and Founder of iZettle, Sebastian Siemiatkowski CEO, Klarna, and Roelant Prins, CCO, Adyen participated in a panel discussion on how the ecosystem of banks and startups can thrive together.

On stage, Bonnessen mentioned the successful collaboration between Swedbank and Minna Technologies. She then opened up for aggregating more startups onto Swedbank’s platform:

“Banking is going through a huge transformation and we really don´t know where this will end. You need to figure out what your own assets are. And then be humble enough to understand that you are not the smartest kid on the block”

In October 2017, Minna Technologies and Swedbank entered a partnership. By integrating Minna’s digital banking products into their mobile application, Swedbank now offer their 4,3 millon customers a way to effortlessly monitor, cancel and improve their subscription services.