• Danske Bank signs partnership with Swedish Fintech startup Minna Technologies

Danske Bank Signs Partnership With Swedish FinTech Startup Minna Technologies

Apr 10, 2018 · 1 min read · Written by Christoffer Pettersson

Swedish Fintech startup Minna Technologies is entering a partnership with Danske Bank – the largest retail bank in Denmark. Minna Technologies’ PFM solution for subscription management will be integrated into Danske Bank’s digital channels later in 2018, and will thus become available to 2,4 million of the bank’s private customers. In total, Minna Technologies’ platform will be serving 7 million users in the Nordics.

– As part of Minna Technologies’ rapid growth phase, we were looking for agile and fast moving partners who were able to make quick decisions. Danske Bank was the perfect match – both from an innovation and a company value perspective, says Joakim Sjöblom, CEO of Minna Technologies.

By entering a partnership with Danske Bank, Minna Technologies is expanding internationally. Last year, the company successfully integrated its subscription management platform with Sweden’s largest retail bank. Through this new partnership, their platform will become available to 2,4 million private banking customers in Denmark – hence further increasing their presence on the nordic market.

– This is an example of an innovative, digital solution that we believe can make a difference for our customers, and which goes hand in hand with our ambition to give customers an overview of their finances, says Lars Malmberg, Global Head of Business Development at Danske Bank.

Through Minna Technologies’ subscription management products, the bank customers can cancel or improve their subscriptions directly within the bank’s digital channels. Minna Technologies has, since October 2017, helped customers of partner banks save more than 15 million euros.

– We are proud to partner with such an innovative bank as Danske Bank. We have been very impressed by their Banking initiative, and we are very excited to start delivering new values to their customers, says Joakim Sjöblom.

As part of its rapid international expansion, the company has changed its brand from the Swedish name Mina Tjänster (“My Subscriptions”) to Minna Technologies.

– We are currently experiencing a large interest in our product among international banks, and therefore it’s natural for us to update our branding. Our ambition is to integrate with more banks in the close future, and we will announce yet another significant international bank partner during 2018, says Joakim Sjöblom.