Sweden’s largest bank Swedbank integrates FinTech company Minna Technologies to its app

Oct 12, 2017 · 1 min read · Written by Christoffer Pettersson

The FinTech company Minna Technologies, helping customers manage their subscriptions, is now integrated in Swedbank’s app. Swedbank is the largest bank in Sweden and the integration results in Minna Technologies’ products now being available to more than 4,3 million Swedish users. A unique global happening and an important step towards a forthcoming international expansion for Minna Technologies.

– It feels truly great that we have been able to go from what was a long term goal, to integrate with a bank, to now actually have done it. Our main focus is always to facilitate and improve the everyday life for consumers. Now we can do just that for 4,3 million Swedes and also show a good example of the effect our service has on people’s private economy, says Joakim Sjöblom, co-founder of Minna Technologies.

Globally, this is the first time that a FinTech app in this way becomes a part of a leading retail bank’s app without having to give up its own graphic appearance and soul. The platform will look almost like Minna Technologies’ own app (Mina Tjänster) available on Google Play and AppStore in Sweden.

– Now that we offer subscription management to our 4 million private customers in Sweden, we are breaking new ground. Never before have bank customers been able to manage their subscriptions directly in their mobile banking app. The new service is the result of the cooperation with Minna Technologies and it gives our customers better overview and increased control of their private finances. Making people better aware of their private finances, contributes to a healthier economy for the whole community, says Lotta Lovén, Head of Digital Banking på Swedbank.

Swedbank, Sweden’s largest bank, also have businesses and is available in other countries and Minna Technologies have plans to expand globally.

– A natural step for us now is to further develop our great collaboration with Swedbank and their strong position in Sweden and abroad. We have dialogues with several banks worldwide and the future looks very bright for Minna Technologies, says Joakim Sjöblom.

Swedbank’s investment in Minna Technologies took place six months ago and it was the bank’s first investment in a FinTech company. In the bank’s own app, the service is called “Abonnemangshjälpen”, which basically can be translated in to “The subscription helper”, and is now available to the bank’s customers.

In a collaboration with Swedbank, Minna Technologies is offering the bank customers the opportunity to see which subscriptions they currently have linked to their bank accounts. As a part of the service, Minna Technologies and Swedbank will help the customers how to save money by cancelling or improving subscriptions with only 1-click.

So far, Minna Technologies has helped their users save more than 6,5 million Euros by managing over 30 000 subscriptions on behalf of the users. That shows the value Minna Technologies provides their users.